Touch The Sky ( Prod. Kali Nemo )

by Lauren Nine

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All lyrics and melodies written and performed by Lauren Nine

Entirely produced by Kali Nemo.

Master and mixing by Koar Beats

Official Video out on youtube



You cannot calm me, I’m healing, sweating the drugs I’ve been eating
out in the matrix and I don’t want to end up blurred,
I split the world in two when I was whiling to be hurt
now I call you back, listen to all the shit that I wrote.

Verse 1:

Loosing quickly my breath
between the shadows of death
I must confess I gave my consciousness a rest
besides If life it’s a test, I can quickly murder your opinions
like water drowning all in your chest
it's getting hard to maintain my breath
you beg for help but you know you got what you earned what you spread,
the oxide on your keys tells me you’ve been missing bills, now you’ve been skipping meals
cause you ain’t got no chance no more,
you rejected yourself, nah
Did you wreck yourself?
and begged somebody to love and manifest your flaws,
you getting tired and blind pushing everything aside
meeting weed and alcohol to find the meaning to this life,
We know mo money mo problems, escape the fears sipping cups
I know you wanna be a baby, you don’t want to grow up
we all got busy plans and 7 working days
but still you wanna be Bill Gates living with a gangsta hoe

// CHORUS //

I tasted my liver the weed then I pray
extasis and I lost all my faith
am I too young? it seems my body has failed
21 becomes 88

will you touch the sky x4

Verse 2:

Y no hay receta a mi locura, esta falsa amargura
me paso dias encerrada en esta caja oscura
mirando la desgracia ajena con filtros del estado
y cada mañana levantando todo el polvo en el mercado.
Tantos santos perversos, complejos versos
para adictos a la bebida y males de amor,
trabajando de rodillas por no tener valor a alzar la voz
bajo el control de su miseria y paso de histerias colectivas , ignorancia con mentiras
y opiniones ciegas con tension,
la impresión de tanto likes
y tanto fake, y cuantos mas creeis ser el rei rascandose el ombligo
creo haber visto un ápice de luz al acostarme tarde en las madrugadas,
alabada sea mi bendición cada mañana,
volar sin miedo a caer y renacer por los que no creen en mi.

// CHORUS //

I tasted my liver the weed then I pray
extasis and I lost all my faith
am I too young? it seems my body has failed
21 becomes 88


When I get sober maybe I’ll testify for what I did
alcoholic nights and fights just lost on my dissease
but I refuse to give up on myself
just point the pistol straight against your flaws x2
nobody is gonna miss you, no
But If you die just ask
will you touch the sky...

All I am asking is for hope
will you touch the sky

Am I too young babe x4


released September 12, 2016
Prod by Kali Nemo



all rights reserved


Lauren Nine El Prat De Llobregat, Spain

Had done colaborations with Eskupe, J1k, Sensei Walingh,Bei Beats and anothers.
Rapper, singer and saxophonist since she was 11 years old. Musical composer and lyricist.
Music producer and manager of Studio46's © events, videoclips and photoshoots.
Always a drawer, artist and designer too.

If you want some colaborations with saxophone and vocals or rapping just contact me.
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